This module forms the foundation for all other functions within the system. It covers the basic setup data, as well as formation of key entities e.g. Clients, Companies, Projects, WBS, Employees, etc.
This module is designed to accumulate all the cost information in a structured manner from the other modules, at the project, the WBS, or account level of detail. The module includes budget development, change control management, forecast, commitment and actual costs.
This module is designed to determine labour requirements, create job cards, provide an employee data base, capture time sheets / clock cards, update the job cost file and optionally update a payroll system.
This module is designed to automatically generate a customer invoice for either completed jobs, or portions of completed jobs. The user can select what level of detail is to be transferred to the invoice file.
The function of this module is to manage the activities of a drawing office and to provide a central drawing data base to the rest of the package.
The material module is designed to implement the engineering aspects of the material management of a project.

● Item master

● Specification master

● Engineering bills of material

● Assembly tracking

This module is designed to implement the engineering aspects of designing and procuring unique or tagged equipment items for a project.
It provides for the equipment list to develop through various states including:

● Estimate

● Budget

● Bill of material

The purchasing module includes a requisition tracking or purchase operating plan structure which allows project staff to control requisitions and track the planned, forecast and actual completion dates on milestones.
It is designed to automatically generate request for quotations (RFQ’S) from the engineering bulk material, equipment, instrument or works requisitions; control the bids received from potential suppliers, rank the bids; automatically create the purchase order from the accepted bid.
This module closely integrates the purchasing and inventory modules. The receiving department can direct the items to any warehouse / store and can optionally use the two step receiving facility, which enables the quality assurance department to inspect the items before they are officially received into inventory. The module tracks overs and unders and damages.
The site module contains functionality to support a site drawing office, and an inventory system that supports catalogues, stores, receiving linked to purchase order and expediting, issues (automatic for BOM, equipment and sundries). The module also contains an availability and trial kitting function to determine whether material will be available to meet the fabrication or erection schedule and if so automatically issue the material as a kit. The module also handles shortages and automatic issue of back ordered shortages.
The purchase ledger is a mechanism for recording all the information about the invoices received from suppliers and then posting them into creditors – the creditors ledger exists at the invoice level, so all the detail lines on the invoice have to processed and summated before posting to creditors.
The works module is designed to manage and control fabrication and erection through the mechanism of a work order. Work orders can be scheduled through an arbitrarily complex series of work centres which are linked together by means of works routing tables. The work orders can besides the routings have a BOM linked to them with multiple assembly levels and includes support for phantom assemblies
This module is designed to provide a straightforward accounting system to support the project / company. It is designed to be multi-company, multi cost centre.
Facilities for managing Cashbook, General, Debtors, and Creditors Ledgers are provided.










 Number of Companies  1 2  5 8 Unlimited
 Number of Projects 5  10 15 20 Unlimited
 Number of Users 2 5  10  15 Unlimited


 Core, Costing, Timesheet & Sales Ledger  * * *  * *
 Documentation, Bulks & Equipment  *  * * * *
 Procurement & Expediting  *  *  *  *  *
 Site & Purchase Ledger N/A  *  * *  *
 Works  (Add-on module) N/A *  * *  *
 Accounting (Add-on module)  N/A  N/A  *  *  *



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