Development environment

● The current version of digiProjects was developed in C#, MVC and Silverlight. The previous iterations of digiProjects were developed in MS Visual Basic and before that in a 4GL called FOCUS.

● Flexibility of the language has been crucial over the years as project engineering companies tend to change the way they do things virtually on each project.

● The current database standard is MS-SQL Server 2012 This database is robust, fast, and scales well when be accessed by multiple users. Small systems can be installed on a standard PC, but can be scaled up to PC’s with quad processors, RAID 5, etc. as the transaction load increases.

● By changing the connections at the ADO level in digiProjects we can run the system on ORACLE, or any other ADO compliant database.


● We currently use MS-SSRS as our reporting tool of choice. This provides a sound platform with sufficient flexibility to meet most requirements.



Graphics / graphs
● MS Excel is widely a widely used for analysis and graphing. Consequently, we took a decision to build all our graphical reports in Excel. This allows technically advanced users the opportunity to enhance the presentation to their own specific requirements.mgtdashboard
browsers Technology model

● digiProjects is delivered in Web & CLOUD versions. The Web version can be run on a local intranet or extranet, depending on client requirements and configurations.

● Some use is made of custom designed services, especially for long running batch type jobs.

● Please note: the current version of digiProjects uses Silverlight and can be run on any recent Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer browser. Google Chrome does not support Silverlight.

System view                   Flowsheet view