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All software applications have key features and characteristics that differentiate the application from others and specifically from competitive products.

KEY FEATURES OF digiProjects

  • absolutely focused on project engineering, one of a kind fabrication and manufacturing
  • absolutely focussed on detail
  • absolutely focused on flexibility
  • handle massively complex projects; but the users can easily downscale the application to handle small projects
  • uses state of the art project management philosophy and fully supports all EPCM requirements, starting with complex WBS
  • estimates and budgets follow the top-down, step-wise refinement process
  • costing, change control and forecasting work top down and accumulate cost bottom up
  • uses state of the art manufacturing concepts found in top end MRP systems
  • interface to CAD and PERT/CPM systems
  • fully integrated EPCM process
  • fully multi-company, project, currency, store, code systems, …
  • fully integrated project accounting system